Types of research members

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Katia Turcot

Katia Turcot, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

analysis of movement, functional adaptation, 3D biomechanics

Samuel Turcotte

Samuel Turcotte, Ph.D., erg.

Regular Researcher

Aging, social participation, participatory research, intergenerational solidarity, inclusion of diversity

Christine Turgeon, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

Deafness, cochlear implant, speech, perception, accessibility

Claude Vincent

Claude Vincent, erg., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

physical disability and elders with diminished autonomy, usability of assistive technologies, social participation, rehabilitation and home care

Julien Voisin

Julien Voisin, erg., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

rehabilitation, IA, NIRS, EEG, neuromodulation

Maximiliano Wilson

Maximiliano Wilson, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

aging, reading, semantics, progressive primary aphasia, Alzheimer's Disease