Structuring Initiatives

The Cirris research program stems, among others, from the priorities established by its researcher members, experts in their respective areas and the most apt at identifying needs in terms of social, clinical, or technological innovation through their interactions with their partners. Funding of specific structuring initiatives by the Cirris aims at supporting and developing innovative niches within Cirris’ research programming.

A research initiative is deemed as structuring when it works as long-term leverage and catalyst for the development of an existing or non-existing research niche. It must mobilize several researchers and partners in the pursuit of a common goal and produce positive effects for everyone involved. A structuring initiative must be innovative, combining existing and emerging strengths and subject to increase the Cirris’ presence and scientific community.

Readaptronics: Technological Tools for Rehabilitation

This structuring project includes two main fields of study: monitoring technologies and assistive technologies.

Monitoring technologies: Development,



This structuring project aims to support the creation of an interdisciplinary and intersectoral team that will act as a scientific leader on the study and improvement of access to rehabilitation services in Quebec.


Immersive technology in rehabilitation (TIR)

The mission of this structuring project is to increase the volume and innovation of research in the field of immersive technologies in rehabilitation by optimizing the synergy generating ideas,


Équipe Participation sociale et villes inclusives (PSVI)

The Participation Sociale et Villes Inclusive research team works to improve access for people with disabilities to all dimensions of the urban territory,