Our team

Scientific Direction

Catherine Mercier

Catherine Mercier, erg., Ph.D.

Scientific Director

418.529.9141 x 46701 catherine.mercier@rea.ulaval.ca Researcher sheet

Johanne Cantin

Head of Department for Administrative and Scientific Affairs of Research

418.529.9141 x 46106 johanne.cantin@cirris.ulaval.ca

Research Council

Jean-Sebastien Roy

Jean-Sébastien Roy, pht, Ph.D.

Head of the Functions Axis

418.529.9141 x 46005 jean-sebastien.roy@fmed.ulaval.ca Researcher sheet
Alexandra Lecours

Alexandra Lecours, erg., Ph.D.

Head of the Environment Axis

819.376.5064 x 2936 Alexandra.Lecours@uqtr.ca Researcher sheet
Véronique Flamand

Véronique Flamand, erg., Ph.D.

Representative of Researchers for Children

418.656.2131 x 407223 veronique.flamand@fmed.ulaval.ca Researcher sheet

Manon Spigarelli

Student Representative

418.529.9141 x 46342 manon.spigarelli.1@ulaval.ca

Frédéric Dumont

Representative of research professionals

418.529.9141 x 46033 frederic.dumont@cirris.ulaval.ca

Administrative and support staff

Marjorie Chabot

Research Administration Coordinator

418 529-9141 x 46106 marjorie.chabot@cirris.ulaval.ca

Isabelle Argall

Technical Research Coordinator

418 529-9141 x 46651 isabelle.argall@cirris.ulaval.ca

Alessandra Pecora

Laboratory Coordinator

418.529.9141 x 43715 alessandra.pecora@cirris.ulaval.ca

Isabelle Lorusso

Administrative Technician (Finances)

418 529-9141 x 46031 isabelle.lorusso@cirris.ulaval.ca

Sylvie Racine

Administrative Technician (Finances)

418 529-9141 x 46576 sylvie.racine@cirris.ulaval.ca

Serinne Laghouan Maslah

Research Administrative Agent

418 529-9141 x 43735 Serinne.Laghouan-Maslah@cirris.ulaval.ca

Martine Légaré

Communications Technician

418 529-9141 x 42390 martine.legare@cirris.ulaval.ca