Types of research members

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Maxime Robert

Maxime Robert, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

motor learning, cerebral palsy, neuroimagery, motor control

François Routhier

François Routhier, ing., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

wheelchair, technical assistance in robotics, assistive devices, environment, social participation

Jean-Sebastien Roy

Jean-Sébastien Roy, pht, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

rehabilitation, musculoskeletal, pain, disability, exercise

Jean Ruel

Jean Ruel, ing., Ph.D.

Associated researcher

biomechanics, design, tissue engineering, simulation, instrumentation

Julie Ruel

Julie Ruel, Ph.D.

Associated researcher

literacy, access to information, transition, intellectual disabilty, autism spectrum disorders

Angel Ruiz

Angel Ruiz, Ph.D.

Associated researcher

modelling, optimization, process

Martin Simoneau

Martin Simoneau, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

sensorimotor control, electroencephalography, multi-sensory integration, mobility problems, biomechanics

Daphney St-Germain

Daphney St-Germain, inf., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

safety, quality, caring, professional training


Myreille St-Onge, Ph.D., psychologue

Regular researcher

peer-assistance, development of practices, study support

Marie-Catherine St-Pierre

Marie-Catherine St-Pierre, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

language, learning, trouble, school age, intervention

Audette Sylvestre

Audette Sylvestre,

Regular researcher

language development, child neglect, economic poverty, risk and protective factors, multidimensional models of human development

Nathalie Trépanier, Ph.D.

Associate researcher

Disability situation, intervention plan, social participation, indirect support/interprofessional collaboration