Types of research members

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Laura Monetta

Laura Monetta, orthoph., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

acquired language difficulties, pragmatic, aphasia, neurodegenerative disease

Ernesto Morales

Ernesto Morales, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

inclusive design, environmental gerontology, healing environment

Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi

Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi, ing., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

geomatics, geospatial data and technology, human interaction with the environment, intelligent and inclusive cities and mobility, accessibility mapping

Marie-Christine Ouellet

Marie-Christine Ouellet, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

head trauma, loved ones, mental health, cognition, psychological adaptation

Isabelle Pagé

Isabelle Pagé, D.C., Ph.D.

Associated researcher

rehabilitation, technology, manual therapy, back pain, safety of care

Kadija Perreault

Kadija Perreault, pht, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

access to services, rehabilitation, service organization, pain, physiotherapy

Anne Marie Pinard

Anne Marie Pinard, M.D., M.A. (Ed.)

Regular researcher

chronic pain, knowledge transfer, inter-professionnalism, pedagogical design, complex regional pain syndrome

Aude Porcedda

Aude Porcedda, Ph.D

Associated researcher

culture, inclusion, social participation, sustainable development, management of change

Valérie Poulin

Valérie Poulin, erg., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

social participation and inclusion, transfer and application of knowledge, cognitive rehabilitation, caregivers

Isabelle Préfontaine

Isabelle Préfontaine, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

Autism, intellectual disability, early intervention, differential intervention, school transition, social inclusion

Émilie Raymond

Emilie Raymond, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

social participation and citizenship, social inclusion and inclusive cities, critical gerontology and the trajectories of aging, handicap and disability sitations, collective action and social mouvements

Carol L. Richards

Carol L. Richards,

Regular researcher

physiotherapy, motor recovery, social integration of people with neurological disorders