Mission, vision, and strategic plan


The Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche en réadaptation et intégration sociale (Cirris) has the mission to develop and mobilize the knowledge that enables social participation of people with disabilities. Driven by a profound culture of interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration, this mission is kept up to date through the training of students from various disciplines as well as through collaborative research with disabled people, community partners, various levels of government, healthcare and social services, as well as the industry.


  • A scientific community that is deeply rooted in its environment and working toward a better understanding of the factors that affect the rehabilitation and social participation of people with disabilities. 
  • Research teams that innovate by creating tools and interventions for rehabilitation and social integration, working together to assess and implement practical solutions supporting the rehabilitation and social participation of people with disabilities, in partnership with these people and the concerned environments. 
  • A dynamic, inclusive and intersectoral training environment that is committed to develop a new generation of professionals who are willing and able to face complex societal challenges.

A 2022-2028 Strategic Plan that is aligned with the needs of the community

With the concern to develop a scientific program that is rooted in the expertise of its researchers as well as in the needs of its knowledge users, management of the Cirris consulted within the community, with patient-partners, as well as clinical partners, public organizations, community organizations and the industry. These consultations guided the identification of six objectives for 2022-2028, based on the intersectoral collaboration between our researchers, regardless of their area of research (Functions or Environment).