Equity, diversity, and inclusion

Improving equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in society is a cornerstone of the Cirris’ mission. Consequently, the Cirris wishes to offer an environment that gives the opportunity for each community member to develop their full potential and share their experiences and expertise while feeling respected and acknowledged for their contribution. Our research centre firmly believes that diversity is a rich source of stimulation for the creativity and innovation of our organization and therefore wishes to adopt best practices in this regard. To reach this goal, the Cirris has implemented several practical measures that contribute, each in their own way, to establishing an environment of respect, well-being, and professional development for all members.

These measures affect the following aspects:

  • Physical and digital accessibility
  • Integration of new student members or interns
  • Work-life balance and parental leave
  • EDI and intercultural collaboration training
  • Use of inclusive language
  • Creation of an EDI committee that works with Management

These measures are added to the resources already available at Université Laval (https://www.ulaval.ca/equite-diversite-inclusion ), qui adhère aux principes de la charte Dimensions EDI Canada et offre de nombreux services, tant pour le corps professoral que pour la communauté étudiante.