Types of research members

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Désirée B. Maltais

Désirée B. Maltais, pht, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

physical activity, child, physical impairment

Vincent Martel-Sauvageau, orthoph., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

motor speech disorders, dysarthria, apraxia of speech, Parkinson's disease, intelligibility

Edith Martin

Édith Martin, B. Ing., M.Sc.A., Ph.D.

College researcher

Engineering, biomaterials, orthotics, prosthetics, paramedical and sports equipment

Benoit Martin, Md, FRCPC

Associate researcher

Stroke, encephalopathy, spasticity

Hugo Massé-Alarie

Hugo Massé-Alarie, pht, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

low back pain, motor control, spinal cord, nervous system, treatment

Bradford McFadyen

Bradford J. McFadyen, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

walking, immersive technology, mobility, biomechanics

Catherine Mercier

Catherine Mercier, erg., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

neurorehabilitation, pain, sensorimotor integration, upper limb, brain stimulation, virtual reality, robotics

Élise Milot

Élise Milot, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, elderly, families, participative research

Hélène Moffet

Hélène Moffet, pht, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

rehabilitation, clinical trials, telehealth, mobile technology, measuring results

Gabriel Moisan, Ph.D.

Associate researcher

Biomechanics, locomotion, foot orthotics, foot, ankle, rehabilitation

Laura Monetta

Laura Monetta, orthoph., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

acquired language difficulties, pragmatic, aphasia, neurodegenerative disease

Ernesto Morales

Ernesto Morales, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

inclusive design, environmental gerontology, healing environment