Types of research members

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Martin Caouette, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

intellectual disability, auto-determination, advisory role, housing, knowledge transfer

Philippe Cardou, ing., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

robot, cinematics, design, cables, optimization

Emmanuelle Careau, erg., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

interprofessional collaboration, interprofessional training, evaluation of complex systems, social responsibility

Michel-Pierre Coll, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

pain, cognitive neuroscience, brain scan, artificial intelligence

Philippe Corbeil, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

occupational biomechanics, ergonomics, motor control, movement assessment, skills

Maude Desjardins, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

voice disorders, primary muscle tension dysphonia, presbyphonia, translational research, respiration

Chantal Desmarais, orthoph., Ph.D.

Regular researcher

Developmental language impairment, Effects of speech therapy interventions, Communicative participation, Transition from school to adult life, Intervention in cross-cultural settings

Jean-Philippe Després, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

music, instrumental pedagogy, creativity, improvisation

Louise Duchesne, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

communication, language development, deafness

Geoffrey Edwards, Ph.D.

Regular researcher

virtual reality, augmented reality, internet of things, intelligent clothing, ontology

Philippe Fait, Ph.D., CAT(c)

Associated researcher

concussion, mild head injury, adolescents, sports, virtual reality

Isabelle Feillou, Ph.D., ergonome

Regular researcher

ergonomics, inclusive design, aging, innovation, enabling environments