Student life and events

The CIRRIS offers its students a high quality environment and strives to meet their needs. A representative is elected among the students. He or she (or a student delegate) sits on every CIRRIS committee to make sure that the students' point of view is adequately taken into consideration. All regular graduate students have access to a common study area that doubles as a common work office. This promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and scientific exchanges.

There is also a student committee whose main mission is to act as a driving force for the student community. This committee is led by the student representative. The student committee participates in numerous research activities and knowledge sharing workshops that stimulate interactions among students and with the CIRRIS researchers. One example of these activities is the bi-weekly Friday conferences, the Friday Student Presentations and the biannual Student Colloquium.

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Biannual Student Colloquiums | Friday Student presenattions

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