Regular researchers


François Routhier

Researcher interested in urban design and universal design, technical aids, wheelchair skills required, as well as the social participation of people using assistive technology.

Understanding the sensorimotor impairments to improve rehabilitation interventions following musculoskeletal disorders.

Martin Simoneau

Researcher interested in understanding the mechanisms related to sensorimotor control and learning in healthy individuals or following central nervous system or musculoskeletal disease.

Nurse and professor with research interests in rehabilitation nursing optimisation, patient safety, quality of care and risk management related to nurses Caring humanist approach

Marie-Catherine St-Pierre

Speech-language pathologist interested by language skills underlying  reading and writing difficulties in school-age children. Her motivation: contribute to the development of evidence based practices in assessment and  intervention for this population.

Audette Sylvestre

Speech-language pathologist interested in understanding the influence of personal, family and social environments on language development in young children

Sylvie Tétreault

Professor and researcher interested in the development of innovative solutions to improve quality of life and social participation of handicapped children and teens and their families.

Full professor and researcher highly motivated to understand how work conditions and work environment could be beneficial or detrimental to individuals’ physical and mental health, particularly in the context of rehabilitation following musculoskeletal disorders. This researcher is looking more broadly at the impact of psychosocial risks factors (occupational and individual) on health.

Katia Turcot

Researcher interested in three-dimensional (3D) movement analysis and biomechanics of the human body related to the musculoskeletal system. Specialized in gait, posture and functional movement analysis in individuals with functional limitations.

Claude Vincent

Occupational therapist holding a doctoral degree in public health, she is interested in the promotion, prevention and use of technology by people at risk of developing disabilities or those with disabilities who are losing their autonomy. She is interested in the new information technologies and telecommunication methods for the provision of rehabilitation and support services in the home, the development of measurement tools to assess this type of technology, participatory research methodologies and social participation of people with disabilities.



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