Regular researchers


Hélène Moffet is a physiotherapist specializing in clinical trials and in the assessment of physical function and human movement. Striving to increase the quality and accessibility of rehabilitation services, she is interested in evaluating interventions and new approaches using tele-rehabilitation.

Ernesto Morales
Assistant professor at the Department of rehabilitation at the Université Laval, with a background in architecture and industrial design in Mexico, and a PhD in Design at the University of Montreal, Dr. Morales is interested in improving and conceiving accessible design solutions in domestic, clinical and urban environments.
Mir Mostafavi

Researcher in geomatics, Mir Mostafavi is interested in geographic information systems, modelization and spatial representation of 2D and 3D environments, in amplified and virtual geospatial reality and their applications, the quality of spatial data, as well as the semantics and ontological interoperability of spatial information.



Luc Noreau

Principal investigator of several projects that aimed at assessing the rehabilitation services delivered to individuals with SCI and supporting community integration. Co-developer of the Assessment of Life Habits (LIFE-H) instrument to measure social participation, translated in more than 10 languages. From January 2008 to December 2009  Scientific Director (Lead) of the Community Integration Practice Network, funded by the Rick Hansen Institute. From 2009-2013, he developed and carried with a team of researchers, clinicians and consumers, the SCI community survey, the largest study of its kind on community integration to ever be done in Canada among people with SCI.

Marie-Christine Ouellet

Psychologist interested in the psychological impacts of neurological disorders and traumatic injuries, as well as the development and adaptation of cognitive behavioral interventions to treat or prevent psychological difficulties associated with them.

Insomnie et fatigue après un traumatisme craniocérébral : manuel d’évaluation et d’intervention


Researcher interested in the cognitive approach of psychological interventions, research data processing and applications of micro data processing in psychology.

A physical therapist having practiced in the public and private sectors, her research interests are in the areas of the organization of rehabilitation services, professional practices for persons experiencing pain, and the roles of rehabilitation professionals in community health and health promotion.   

Occupational therapist interested in the rehabilitation and social integration support of people with cognitive disabilities, teaching their significant others, knowledge transfer and implementation of best practices in cognitive rehabilitation following a stroke, cerebral or brain injury.

Émilie Raymond

Émilie Raymond is Professor in the School of Social Work at Laval University where she teaches community organization. She is interested in social participation and citizenship, especially that of seniors with disabilities. Émilie Raymond explores this theme in the context of political discourse and real-time field experiences of social actors. She promotes and uses participatory and emancipatory research approaches.

Researcher interested in new rehabilitation clinical practice, health care delivery, as well as locomotor disorders of people with neurological or musculoskeletal impairments and their social integration.


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