Regular researchers


Luc J. Hébert

Dr Hébert completed his PT training and obtained a Master degree in biomedical sciences at the Montreal University, and a PhD in Experimental Medicine at l’Université Laval. His research work focuses on the explicative and predictive variables of neuro-musculo-skelettal conditions and the risk factors limiting physical performance with a strong interest for muscle function.


Neuropsychologist and researcher whose transdisciplinary research program aims to explore the cerebral basis of social cognition and the mental representation of others’ actions and pain. 

Musicienne et chercheuse en esthétique des dispositifs VR\AR\MR. Elle axe principalement ses travaux de recherche sur l’étude des déficiences de l’interaction humaine en présence et à distance, ainsi qu’aux dispositifs permettant de les compenser.

Occupational therapist specialized in knowledge translation, interested by the implementation of best practices of rehabilitation in neurotraumatology

Alexandra Lecours

Occupational therapist interested in occupational health, particularly the prevention of occupational health problems, whether in the physical, mental or social aspects. More specifically, she is interested in the behaviors that workers can adopt to maintain their own health at work, that of their colleagues, contributing to the overall health of the organization. She also works to develop the skills of occupational therapists in enabling their clients to adopt prevention behaviors.

Désirée Maltais

Physiotherapist interested in the evaluation of mobility and physical fitness, the determinants of physical activity and interventions aiming to improve the level of physical activity among people with physical disabilities, especially children and adolescents.


Holder of a Master's Degree in Speech Pathology and a PhD Degree in experimental medicine, his research activities mainly focus on fine acoustic properties of healthy and pathological speech, as well as markers of speech intelligibility. These research activities are divided into two main areas; acoustic changes and methodological issues associated with the analysis of the sound signal.

Bradford  J. McFadyen

Expert in locomotor control and its adaptation to the environment in healthy persons and persons with impaired mobility. Interested in the development of clinical tools for mobility evaluation and treatment. Research tools include motion analyses, electrophysiology and virtual reality.

Occupational therapist focusing on interactions between pain and motor learning, as well as on strategies to promote optimal recovery when physical rehabilitation is performed in the context of pain. 

Academic training in specialized education and professor/researcher in the field of social work, her interests include the optimization of interprofessional collaborative practice focused on the needs of adults with disabilities as well as their active participation in the development of teaching and research innovations.


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