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Chantal Desmarais

Speech-language pathologist interested in specific language impairments and other developmental language problems to design evaluation tools and intervention methods using evidence-based scientific findings.

Speech-language pathologist and linguist, interested in the communication and participation of children, adolescents, and adults with a hearing loss

Holder of the Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Geomatics, Geoffrey Edwards works on the redesign of the relationship between the body and its environment by using methodologies that combine scientific and artistic elements. He works on immersive and interactive installations aiming public awareness to the issues of disability and handicap, on the development of clinical tools, and the development of smart environments (including smart clothing).

Véronique Flamand

Occupational therapist whose work focuses on upper extremity rehabilitation interventions for individuals having sustained brain damage, such as youth with cerebral palsy. Some of her work aims at unveiling the neurophysiological correlates of the development of human motor control.

Patrick Fougeyrollas

Anthropologist interested in the phenomenon of cultural construct and the handicapped.

Hubert Gascon

Psychologist interested in the behaviour, emotional state, integration and social participation of persons with disabilities. He also studies the support available to their families and friends. 

Mechanical engineer interested in parallel robots, robotic hands, the human-robot interaction, as well as the modelization and control of complex robotic systems.

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Occupational therapist interested in community development that is inclusive of children and adolescents with disabilities, especially those with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorder.


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