Graduate studies

The rehabilitation sciences include many fields: the study of musculoskeletal, neurological and neuropsychological issues of the individual within his/her environment. Thus, our research activities are based on two themes : "Personal factors and their determinants" and "Environmental factors and social participation ".

You have most likely noticed that the research projects conducted at the CIRRIS cover not only physical rehabilitation but also the social issues affecting this population, may they be children, teenagers, adults or the elderly.

To achieve its mission, the interdiciplinary and intersectorial research activities bring together the following disciplines:

Health Sciences

Experimental medecine - adaptation/rehabilitation option - (M. Sc.)
Experimental medecine - adaptation/rehabilitation option - (Ph. D.)

Neurobiology (M. Sc.)
Neurobiology (Ph. D.)

Community health (M. Sc.)
Community health (Ph. D.)

Nursing sciences (M. Sc.)
Nursing sciences (Ph. D.)

Social Sciences

Psychology (Ph. D.)

Social work (M. Sc.)
Social work (Ph. D.)

Industrial relations (M. Sc.)
Industrial relations (Ph. D.)

Engineering and applied Sciences

Geomatics (M. Sc.)
Geomatics (Ph. D.)

Mechanical engineering (M. Sc.)
Mechanical engineering (Ph. D.)

Architecture (M. Sc.)

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