Associate Researchers



Educational psychologist  interested in transition experiences for children with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual and other developmental disabilities 

Neuropsychologist, interested in normal and pathological functioning of episodic memory and the rehabilitation of these cognitive disorders in different clinical populations (older adults, young adult and children with a traumatic brain injury, stroke, etc.)

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Thérapeute du sport agréé poursuivant des travaux de recherche sur les altérations fonctionnelles résiduelles chez des personnes ayant subi un traumatisme craniocérébral léger ainsi que sur la neuroplasticité du cerveau humain.

Specialized in experimental psychology, he is mostly interested in the understanding of time perception mechanisms. 

Engineer interested in artificial 2D and 3D vision, robotics, tele-robotics, virtual reality, the intelligent environment and driving.


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Professor and researcher in speech-language pathology, interested in (1) the study of typical and atypical phonological development and (2) the study of language acquisition among bilingual children

Francine Malouin

Researcher in neurological rehabilitation, Dr. Malouin is interested in the posture and locomotion of children and adults with neurological impairments, as well as innovative therapeutic approaches in the field of functional and neurological recovery.

Long term effects of prematurity and physical disabilities


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