Master’s or doctoral research proposal

July 15, 2016
François Routhier, assistant professor in the Department of Rehabilitation at Université Laval, as well a researcher and head of the axis "Environmental determinants and social participation" at CIRRIS, is looking for masters or doctoral candidates with a degree in a health, architecture, urban planning or social sciences discipline.
Mobility and Participation in the City among persons with physical disabilities.
The general goal of this master’s or doctoral research project, which is part of a wider pan-Canadian project, is to enhance the quantity and quality of community participation among Canadians with physical disabilities using assistive technologies (AT) by developing, mobilizing and evaluating new interventions. The candidate will have to develop a project that will answer research questions as:  “Where do people who use different types of mobility AT go?”, “What kind of activities do they do?”, “What are the personal and environmental (social or physical) facilitators and barriers for mobility and social participation among people with mobility impairments?”, “How do these facilitators and barriers influence mobility and social participation for people with mobility impairments?”, “What do they think about their mobility and participation?”, “Which interventions (training, environmental modifications, use of new AT, etc.) can improve their mobility and participation?”, “What is the efficacy of those interventions?”. The candidate will be asked to develop the research question and to select the assessment tools relevant to this question. He or she could be led to develop tools specific to the project’s requirements. He or she will also take part in the recruitment and assessment of participants, as well as in data analysis. He or she also will be encouraged to produce peer-reviewed publications related to the proposed project.
This project is funded by a research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

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