A new logo - same identity

In October 2012, the Quebec Rehabilitation Institute (IRDPQ) changed its organizational image and adopted a new logo. In the wake of these changes, the CIRRIS also reflected on the need and opportunity to update its image as well. Since the CIRRIS is IRDPQ's Research Centre, the CIRRIS Visibility Committee reflected on a new image that would be "in harmony" with that of the IRDPQ. Although most research centres associated with a health care centre or hospital in Quebec have a name that explicitly refers to this health facility (i.e. xxxx Hospital Research Centre), the Committee thought it was important to keep the CIRRIS name since the research centre is now widely known under this acronym, within both the research community and the clinical rehabilitation settings. The Committee thus decided to update only its logo instead.
Calling upon the graphic skills of one of its members, the Committee developed different visual representations illustrating the fundamental characteristics of the CIRRIS, mostly its interdisciplinary approach, its research themes, the person-environment interaction, rehabilitation and support to social integration as well as its association with the IRDPQ. It was decided that the colours and font would be identical to those used for the IRDPQ logo. At the bi-annual researcher meeting, the majority of researchers voted in favour of this new version of the logo.  


What does it mean?

The three superimposed oval forms demonstrate the person-environment interaction and illustrates the interdisciplinary aspect so critical to achieving the CIRRIS mission; a very similar concept to that of the IRDPQ with its rehabilitation and social integration role. The content of each oval form illustrates the three research themes of the CIRRIS: the human function, the environment and social participation. The human-like figure at the centre of the logo represents the person at the heart of our research and how this research contributes to his or her well-being. 

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