Theme: Social Participation and Human Rights

The research theme on SOCIAL PARTICIPATION AND EXERCISE OF HUMAN RIGHTS of people with disabilities considers these conceptual dimensions as outcomes or dependent variables of the interaction between personal factors and environmental factors. The work is part of a perspective of social construct of disability that is in harmony with the Government of Quebec’s definitions of the handicapped individual (2005) and the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006). Whether it be with an individual approach or a community approach, the measure of achievement of current activities and social roles, as well as the effective exercise of rights, this measure can be done on a descriptive (transversal) or explanatory basis observing changes in personal and environmental factors over time (longitudinal). Research objectives related to the understanding and conceptualization of social participation phenomena and exercise of citizenship, especially the right to equality and self-determination; the development and validation of qualitative and quantitative assessment tools and the development, evaluation and analysis of individual and public information systems aiming to measure the results of practices, programs and policies dealing with accessibility, rehabilitation, social participation support and community support in the field of disability of people of all ages. Research projects on social participation and social exclusion conducted at the CIRRIS are interdisciplinary, may include a target population or several populations for comparison purposes, may be with populations with or without disabilities, and can be carried out at the individual, local, municipal, regional, provincial, national and international levels. 

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