Associate Clinical Researchers

Médical doctor interested in hereditary ataxias, muscular dystrophies and neurological diseases.

Roger Cantin
  • Récréologue clinicien visant l’intégration et la reprise des loisirs dans la vie personnelle des usagers. Information sur les ressources. Supports aux organismes pour le développement de loisirs adaptés et inclusifs.
  • Coordonnateur des plateaux d’activités physiques

Clinical physiatrist and university professor, she is particularly interested in the problems associated with spinal cord injuries and other physical rehabilitation problems.

Clinical psychologist working with persons with sensory disabilities, she is interested in improving and designing clinical interventions supporting the adaptation and social participation processes.

Basic training in physiotherapy and Masters in Epidemiology. Research interests related to the development and evaluation of innovative practices in rehabilitation promoting social participation of children and adolescents with physical disabilities in the co-construction of knowledge with clinicians and researchers.

Marc Perron

Research Advisor to the Direction de la qualité, de la performance et des mandats universitaires of the Institut de réadaptation en déficience physique de Québec (IRDPQ). Involved in the promotion, planning and support to the clinicians of the IRDPQ in scientific activities, particularly in research and advanced practices. Promotes clinicians- researchers networking and knowledge transfer to the clinicians

CIUSSS-CN Université Laval Alliance santé Québec